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"There's good reason I chose the black heart as our logo, it's LOVE! So, love me or leave me, baby! "- Mama Doll, Founder of The Black Doll Affair
Because, seriously, The Black Dolls Have More Fun! 
IF YOU'RE READY TO GROW, this is THE PLACE where we accept souls on their journey to #becoming the best Dolls they can become. All while playing with some really cool women, giving back and checking some of those items off the bucket list! This, is where that so called 'black girl attitude' is left behind, the eye and head-rolling is put on permanent pause, the wig snatching goes back to reality TV, and YOU GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into a life so alive, your soul will finally thrive! With no drama for our Mama, (because, lawd knows she don't play THAT), pro (only) black, Mean Martha's, Judgy-Judy, Gossip Gertrude and all others stuck in an unwillingness to become a better human, this ain't for you. Now, with that said, if you can dig getting along and rising up, if you understand this is an empowering movement, NOT A BLACK POWER movement... Treat yourself. 
In "Doll Tests," black children chose the white doll as pretty and good while identifying the black doll as bad and ugly. On TV, we see black women behaving less than dolling. Good or bad, how we perceive ourselves is learned unconsciously in childhood. Becoming philanthropists, giving away black dolls, playing with living and toy black dolls are great ways to reverse negative notions and rethink our internal concepts about ourselves and each other. These are the Affairs of The Black Dolls and our "pretty...philanthropic" solution to disempowering social issues affecting our community.  "Be a Doll, give a doll!" To become a Doll, there are NO membership fees, simply purchase your Doll Tee. Then follow the easy steps to get involved and begin life as a Doll.  Sponsored by Macy's & Mattel (Barbie brand), join us for social change, philanthropy and play!
The Mission: 
To change the way black girls are perceived and, more importantly, perceive themselves. 

The question: 
Why did children select the white doll as the good doll and black doll as the bad one? 
The answer: 
The first answer is internalized racism. The second answer is black girls and women all too often are presented, placed and shown in a negative light. We can blame the media for showing this. However, we must take responsibility for behaving in a negative way for the media to show and promote. We must know that along with internalized racism, black girls behaving badly IS THE REASON children too often select the white doll. Even at a young age, they can see that bad behavior is not good!
The solution: 
The Black Doll Affair social club is the solution. The social club and self-esteem movement where black girls retire from mean-girl cliques; cease the head rolling attitude, the unlady like behavior, the crabs in a barrel mentality, the 'hateration' and the infighting.
The Opportunity for black women: 
The opportunity for white women: 
In Doll Tests the white doll remained silent. Within The Black Doll Affair the white Doll speaks! Supporting cast members that are not black, BDA Porcelain Dolls (also known as Porcelain Pals) play a significant role within our social club. They give voice to the white doll that remained silent as black children chose the white doll as bad and ugly during doll test experiments. Unlike The Black Dolls, our Porcelain Dolls can give Barbie a voice. When a Porcelain Doll speaks at a Black Doll Affair she says self-esteem affirming things like: "Now why would you want to be anything other than who you were born? You're so unique, there's not another like you. Your hair, your nose, your full lips and hips, well they fuel a billion-dollar beauty industry wanting exactly what you were born with naturally." That's powerful, right? Right! More, our Porcelain Dolls come on board to help remind the community that The Black Doll Affair is about self-empowerment, NOT black power. It takes a village to raise a child who goes into this diverse world whole and complete. That is why, Black Dolls LOVE playing with their Porcelain Pals! 
The Opportunity for men (regardless of race): AKA: Black Doll Brothas
In a perfect family environment, our fathers are there to remind us of our worth. When fathers or positive male role models are not present in the home, a girl child's self-esteem can be adversely affected. The Black Doll Affair offers men the opportunity to be a positive role model in place to lift a girl up and help remind her that she is worthy of being treated well, like a Doll, by the men in her life.  
The Goal: 
The Black Doll Affair's hue-manitarian goal is to make the world a better place because of Black Dolls - those real and toy. 
The Strategy: 
By uplifting promoting the black doll; loving the white doll too; philanthropic Affairs; engaging in conversations of legacy; hosting empowering events and behaving in a most dolling way, we will continue to remind black women and girls of their beauty - internally, externally and intrinsically.
The Support System: 
With their supporting cast the Porcelain Dolls, Black Doll Brothas, Black Doll Affair sponsors and community fans, The Black Dolls will rise in their mission and shine in the essence! 
The New Doll Test Results: 
As we strategize with our support system to reach our mission and achieve our goal, the world will become a better place for the entire human race!
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