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What type of entity is The Black Doll Affair?

"It used to be that people who wanted to solve a social problem — like lack of access to clean water or inadequate housing for the poor — created a charity. Today, many start a company instead." - New York Times 
The Black Doll Affair, LLC is a privately held company that is not owned by the state and not a 501(c)(3) public company. The Black Doll Affair joins with socially aware philanthropists to donate to both tax exempt nonprofit causes and charitable causes not tax exempt. Gifts or contributions to The Black Doll Affair {BDA} are not tax deductible.
Mission Statement:
The Black Doll Affair's mission is to reverse negative Doll Tests results by donating black dolls to little girls and via philanthropy, change the way black girls and women are perceived, and perceive themselves. In this endeavor, BDA seeks philanthropic causes for its members, The Dolls, to support as well as business opportunities that link them to highly visible companies and brands that will promote black women in positive and dolling ways. 
Social Business Model: 
"Social entrepreneurs identify resources where people only see problems. They view the villagers as the solution, not the passive beneficiary. They begin with the assumption of competence and unleash resources in the communities they're serving."-- David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas.
The Black Doll Affair is a for-profit entity with its core business rooted in assisting non-profit charities and philanthropic causes; and therefore, a Social Business - a very popular and growing business trend! 
About our Dolling Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropists:
As Founder of The Black Doll Affair, Dana Hill is considered a Social Entrepreneur and her members, The Black Dolls, Brothas and Porcelain Pals are Social Philanthropists. Social Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists are persons who recognizes a social problem and use entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to bring about social change. Social Entrepreneurs & Philanthropists are society's change agents. They seek creative, inventive, and sustainable approaches to seemingly intractable issues of our time. The Black Doll Affair is “Cause Related Marketing.” It is Cause Related Marketing, of which for mutual benefit, BDA proposes strategic positioning and marketing opportunities with other business entities and individuals in its communities. 
Below, find an article and a Q&A to help you understand our way of giving back.
A Social Solution, Without Going the Nonprofit Route 
by Marci Alboher -Published: March 4, 2009 
Conchy Bretos, right, advises housing agencies on how to care for older people in their homes. Her daughter Pilar works with her. 


Question: What is a privately held company? 
Answer: A privately owned enterprise refers to a commercial enterprise that is owned by private investors, shareholders or owners (usually collectively, but they can be owned by a single individual), and is in contrast to state institutions, such as publicly owned enterprises and government agencies. Privately held companies generally have fewer or less comprehensive reporting requirements and obligations for transparency, via annual financial reports, etc. With limited reporting requirements and shareholder expectations, private firms are afforded a greater operational flexibility by being able to focus on long term growth rather than quarterly earnings. 
Question: How are Paper Doll Donations used? 
Answer: Paper Doll Donations are monetary donations to BDA and are used towards operating BDA. 
Question: How are philanthropic donations allocated 
Answer: All philanthropic affairs have a transparent outline of donation via each advertised Black Doll Affair. At Affair signup, our Social Philanthropists are advised of the following allocations: 1. Percentage allocated to the cause of focus. 2. Percentage allocated towards BDA. 3. Percentage subtracted towards PayPal or other payment processing sources used by BDA. With that being stated, these option terms vary per Affair. There is no set percentage of proceeds. During one Affair, 100% of the proceeds might go towards the cause we're rallying behind. This was the case when Mama Doll found a black girl on the Internet and rallied the Dolls behind her need for a car to start her business. In other instances, per Mama Doll's annual "Paper or Plastic" Affair, Paper Doll Donations go towards buying as many dolls as decided are necessary to have an awe-inspiring Christmas delivery. Once the toy dolls have been purchased, donations may go towards The Black Doll Affair operating costs - so that we can continue to have a Black Doll Affair to donate dolls to remind baby dolls of their b'huety. 
Question: What are some examples of other privately held companies? 
Answer: Mattel & Macy's, Carol's Daughter, Mary K, Toys R Us, Chick Fil A, and Publix Question: What are some examples of publicly held charities/companies? Answer: The King Center, Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society, the Salvation Army, and YWCA.
Today, there is a lot of hype around the social entrepreneurship movement. Back in 2007, when Dana Hill created The Black Doll Affair and rejected the traditional 501(c)(3) model of giving, her business model was considered innovative and unique. So different from popular business trends, some wondered if the concept could ever really catch on. Now considered a relevant & burgeoning social cause, The Black Doll Affair has been acknowledged by President Obama via his Volunteer Service Award. With their own day on the calendar in the State of Georgia, spending thousands of hours in community service and thousands of dollars in helping those in need, it's official, The Black Doll Affair's dolling social organizational formula works! 
NY A Social Solution, Without Going the Nonprofit Route go here. The New Heroes: Social Entrepreneurs go here
Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network Facebook go here
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