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The Black Doll Affair Delivers the Gift of toy black dolls to Zoe's Dolls Campaign

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MIAMI, FL. – MARCH 19, 2018 – Heart felt philanthropy was the order of the day at the 2018 Jazz In the Gardens’ Women’s Impact Luncheon and Empowerment Conference. As women gathered to hear a panel made up of power-filled women, the likes of Tracey Wilson Mourning (Founder of Honey Shine Mentoring Program), Julie Guy ( Morning host - 101.5 LiteFM), Miko Branch (Co-Founder Miss Jessie’s hair products) and Sopie Aluko  (Actress – latest role, Shaman in the Black Panther Movie), they came together to bring black dolls for Zoe Terry, founder of Zoe’s Dolls.
She was ridiculed solely because of the color of her skin. Her dark skin tone made her the victim of cruelty that could have destroyed her sense of self-worth. But, Zoe had a strong mother, Nakia Bowling, who worked tirelessly to instill a strong sense of self in her b’HUEtiful Baby Doll. Instead of retreating into her shell, Zoe decided to act. She started collecting black dolls for the sole purpose of giving them to other young girls facing similar hurdles. Today, Zoe’s Dolls collects and distributes dolls to schools throughout Miami-Dade County and speaks a language of empowerment to her fellow young black peers to stave off the damage resulting from unkind language and actions
This strong sense of self did not go unnoticed by the Black Doll Affair (BDA), whose Florida Chapter has been watching in wonder of this feisty 11-year old’s drive and determination to make a young black girl love the skin they’re in. In its 10th year serving South Florida, the Black Dolls swooped in to donate love and support to Zoe as the producers of the Women’s Impact Luncheon made an appeal to all women in attendance to bring black dolls to support Zoe’s movement. On Friday, March 16th the Black Doll Affair donated 30 days to Zoe’s Dolls to ensure she had a strong treasure chest to impact her movement.
“We are so proud of Zoe’s efforts to empower her peers by having a conversation of worth through the gift of dolls”, said Karen Grey, Black Doll Affair Florida Chapter Chair. “It’s never too early to empower our young girls, this can only lay the foundation for them to become strong, intelligent and confident women who love the skin they’re in”, she continued.
Black Doll Affair Founder and CEO, Dana Hill watched from their Atlanta, Ga headquarters with pride in her heart as she saw the magic unfold as women and her Black Doll Affair movement step in to make a difference in a girl’s sense of worth. “Our philanthropic and self-esteem movement is one designed to change the conversation”, said Hill. “We must believe and act in a manner that changes the way black women are perceived, but more importantly, change the way we see ourselves”, Hill continued. Hill founded the BDA in 2007 upon seeing the Doll test re-enacted by young indie filmmaker Kiri Davis on the Oprah Winfrey show. The impact of that interview bridged the way to what is now an 11-year movement, supported by women and men of all races, to ensure, we as black women, know our value and embrace and appreciate our heritage. “It was only natural for the BDA to support Zoe, I can see her leading the way for years to come because of the sense of value her mother has instilled in her”, Hill concluded.
The work young Zoe Terry is doing is nothing more than amazing at such a young age. Young people all around have found their passion and are acting to ensure their message is heard, theirs is definitely a movement of empowerment.
The Black Dolls and their members are moving full speed ahead to ensure young black girls and women worldwide know their value and their worth. To learn more about the Black Dolls and their mission to support and empower women of color everywhere, visit As their tagline says Join the Black Dolls TODAY. There’s no membership fee just buy a Black Doll tee. Membership is open in South Florida and across the country.
About the Black Doll Affair - BDA is a contemporary response to the historic “Black Doll Experiment” conducted by Drs. Kenneth and Mamie Clark, which produced social science evidence of internalized racism said to have influenced the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v Board of Education. Diversity partners with The Brown Foundation, Macy’s, Inc., Mattel, Inc. and Taye Diggs' Chocolate Me! & Mixed Me! book brands, The Black Doll Affair [BDA] is a social organization driven by its primary members, The Black Dolls. Secondary members are the Black Doll’s Porcelain Pals (non-black members) and Brothas (male supporters). The Black Doll Affair has grown into 24 states across America and Washington, DC.  Eighteen years and older, from college students to grandmothers, career women to ladies of leisure, they are women that band together to tackle the black girl's issues with shadeism, self-hatred and low self-esteem. To deliver their message of internal and external beauty, members of the movement donate toy black dolls to toddlers, host self-esteem summits for teens and produce special events that promote and uplift black women.
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