No membership fee, to become a Doll, just buy your Doll tee!

Meet, greet and talk to The Black Doll Affair int'l family on the App Clubhouse

Become a Doll! To Join, there are NO Membership Fees...Just Buy your Doll Tee!

Once you've purchased your Doll or Black Doll Brotha T-shirt, join the movement by creating your member profile in our online private dollhouse at Meetup. Our online dollhouse at Meetup is where members get their calendar of Affairs that directs them to engage in philanthropic acts of kindness, enjoy social play, bond as brothers and sisters and change the world for black women and girls! See hue in the dollhouse! 
Step 1.
Buy your T-shirt. No Membership Fee. To become a Black Doll buy your Black Doll Tee! 
Step 2.
Go to our Dollhouse at Meetup and create your profile
Step 3.
At Meetup, answer the entry questions and enter your T-shirt purchase number.
Step 4.
For quick access, bookmark the dollhouse:
Step 5.
Begin your journey as a Doll by RSVPing for in person and online Affairs.
New members, for an experience with your dolling fans (this should not replace creating your Meetup profile), you too should join this group! 
Not ready to become a Doll? Join our Facebook Group!


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