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Happy Earth Day, Everydolly!

In Celebration of Earth Day, I'm excited to roll out a new adventure in direction for our movement! Today, I am happy to introduce to you the first of what will be a long line and legacy of Paper Dolls, recyclable paper dolls and pleased to announce Danni Washington as an Honorary Black Doll!
After 14 years of delivering more than a million pounds of plastic dolls into little brown hands around the country and ultimately into poor Black communities, landfills and oceans around the world, The Black Dolls, members of The Black Doll Affair (TBDA) and the largest consumer group of toy black dolls, will take a giant step towards sustainability on Earth Day in its ‘Be a Doll, give a doll’ programming - where The Black Dolls give toy black dolls to little girls to empower them. 
In support of educating its members about the topic of plastic pollution and its direct impact on BIPOC (black, Indigeounous, people of color) communities, TBDA is bringing its own line of fashion paper dolls into the marketplace and announcing a new partnership with ocean activist Danni Washington. A self-described ‘Mocha Mermaid’ and 'Citizen Scientist,' Washington is host of a new podcast, 'The Genius Generation.’ She is also the first-ever African American woman to host her own science television series and the co-Founder of Big Blue and You - a non-profit created to empower the next generation to take action for ocean conservation through arts & media. Mama Doll, Founder of TBDA, is pleased to announce that Danni accepted her invitation to become an Honorary Black Doll and the 2021 Face of TBDA Doll Giveaway Sleigh, celebrating TBDA's 15th year of giving dolls to girls. Leading up to the giveaways on Saturday, December 4, 2021 (also Wildlife Conservation Day) via social media, Danni will educate and engage members, fans and the Black doll community at large.
That's one small step for The Black Dolls, one giant leap for Black doll-kind.
"The Black Doll Affair is a social club whose members enjoy a philanthropic lifestyle that received President Obama’s Service Award and was given Congressional recognition by the late John Lewis. My daily job is to keep challenging my members to the highest standard of their legacy. My job during our annual doll delivery season is to create philanthropic messaging that raises the bar and enhances my members’ tradition of changing the world for Black women and girls. Having learned that racism is connected to pollution in BIPOC communities by corporations who place toxic waste factories and dumps in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, thereby CHOOSING for poor and minority people to breathe in toxic fumes and drink contaminated water (for example: Flint, Michigan’s Water Crisis and The Dakota Pipeline Access,)
I knew that our 2021 doll deliveries would lead us on an adventure as we replace plastic with paper and that our Christmas conversation would focus on Black Dolls for GREEN environments,” said Mama Doll.
The intention of this year's ‘paper doll’ messaging is to bring awareness to racially discriminative plastic waste management, global climate change and The Black Dolls' collective initiative to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. In that direction, this Christmas season, The Black Dolls will gift girls with its new line of fashionable paper dolls. The paper dolls will be used to educate girls about environmental injustices, as well as engage them in sustainability activities and storytelling. Hopefully, discovering girl geniuses and inspiring both adult and youth activists to spark solutions that envision a better tomorrow at home, abroad and in the world’s oceans.
“Dolls are more than toys, they reflect who we are. As Mother Nature cries out for humanity’s help in curbing plastic pollution and the fossil fuels used to produce plastic dolls and doll clothes, (synthetic fibers such as acrylic, nylon and polyester are plastic), asking the Doll in the mirror to consider paper dolls and paper doll clothing to reflect responsibility toward the environment is an idea whose time is now. As I looked at my own carbon footprint, I also had to consider the network that follows my carbon footprint has long legs. So this Christmas, I’m giving Mother Earth a season off. For almost two decades, we’ve been serious about empowered doll play, now it’s time we get serious about sustainable doll play. What does that mean for my social club moving forward? It means more earth-friendly events and experiences; conscientious conversations, programming & partnerships; and play rooted in honoring the most important dollhouse humans have - planet Earth. Will we get it right all the time? No. But we will focus on doing better, now that we know better,” said Mama Doll. "I am excited to help The Black Doll Affair swim into more sustainable territory and honored to teach my new Black Doll family all they’re willing to learn about plastic pollution and how they can help empower BIPOC communities and continue to clean the ocean.
My biggest dream is to encourage every child to understand their innate connection to the sea. Also, provide more access for our children to learn how to swim, surf or scuba dive. These skills will allow them to fully immerse themselves in the wonders of the ocean," said Washington.
For sale and donation for the first time in the marketplace, The Black Doll Affair Recyclable Paper Doll line will be ready for the 2021 Christmas season. Evolving into product extensions to include digital dolls, promotional gear, activity books, party supplies and paper dolls featuring TBDA Porcelain Pals and Black Doll Brotha. 
Join the conversation @Blackdollaffair #beadollgiveadoll
Mama Doll 
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