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Doll Test Experiments

NAACP historical "Doll Test" record
As seen on Oprah!
The Kiri Davis Doll Test that prompted Mama Doll to launch The Black Doll Affair.

On a 2005 Oprah Winfrey Show about "Skewed Self-Image", Mama Doll watched one African American guest after the next, discuss their struggle of growing up black in America. 17 years old at the time, Kiri Davis (pictured center above) spoke about her 7 minute documentary "A Girl Like Me" (video below). In the documentary Kiri focuses her camera on her teen friends speaking of their internal and external struggles as black girls. But it was when Mama Doll witnessed Kiri's "Doll Test" that her life journey took a turn. 

Witnessing black children of the new millennium identifying themselves as the "Bad, ugly black doll" was altering and made Mama Doll ask herself and others, "What can we do to remind black girls of their "beauty?" The rest is Black Doll Affair history.


Revisiting An Experiment on Race

Skin Color - the Way Kids See It. 

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