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Doll Giftaways Guidelines

The terms giveaway and giftaway are used interchangeably. No purchase necessary. However, restrictions do apply. Please read below to learn more.
  1. Even if we call your name as a winner during the live, as there is no way to know if you’ve won before until after the LIVE giveaway, winners are eligible to win once a month.
  2. Verifiable in Dollhouse records, members of The Black Doll Affair: Black Dolls, Black Doll Porcelain Dolls and Black Doll Brothas are eligible for collectible (Ex: Barbie Signature) Barbie dolls. Fans are eligible for playline dolls only. Playline toys are manufactured for use as a plaything, rather than as a collectible.To become a Doll (aka Member), there are NO membership fees, just buy your Black Doll, Porcelain Doll or Brotha tee in store HERE
  3. After your name is called: BASED ON INSTRUCTIONS to claim your win, winners must make a claim via the portal instructed within 24 hours. In other words, when you win, claim your doll immediately. Due to the ongoing giveaways, winners who do not claim their win within the 24 hour claim period are removed from the Winners list.
  4. Once we weigh your doll and receive your address, winners must pay for domestic or International shipping within 24 hours of shipping request for payment. After 24 hours the win is forfeited and the doll restocked.
  5. Pickup is not available.
  6. Members in violation of our community policies are ineligible.
  7. Profiles determined by The Black Doll Affair as SPAM are ineligible.
  8. We cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged dolls by the shipping companies and therefore, will not replace those dolls. If you want to insure your doll, please pay for additional shipping options such as Insurance and signature delivery. If the postal service loses your doll, you will work with them to pay for damages, loss and or, have your monies returned.
  9. Sorry, no you cannot receive a different doll than the one called as your win.
  10. If for whatever reasons the doll you won is no longer available at the time of shipping, we will replace it with another doll in our giftaway toy box. The replacement doll may or may not be at comparable price, but it will be a bhuetiful black doll gift.
  11. The Black Doll Affair is sponsored by Mattel, the Barbie brand. The Black Doll Affair Giftaways are not. Therefore, any issues and or concerns you have regarding our doll giftaways should be directed to:
  12. The social platforms where we host our giftaways (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Shopify, Meetup, etc) are not sponsors, nor are they in any way affiliated. Therefore, any issues and or concerns you have regarding our doll giftaways should be directed to:
The Black Doll Affair's members and fans!
The Black Doll Affair Doll Giveaways/Giftaways. An online live black doll gifting
When Mama Dolls says so.
Online via our social media platforms
To give Mama Doll a platform to give black and say thank hue.
Via these rules & guidelines and any/all instructions given during the giftaway.
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