No membership fee, to become a Doll, just buy your Doll tee!

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Black Doll Affair®  Independent Sales Consultants are independent business owners responsible for all their business licenses, sales tax and permits. Black Doll Affair Independent Sales Consultants are located around the world to ensure our "Be a Doll, give a doll®  and "Pretty...philanthropic™ dresses. 
Welcome to The Black Doll Affair LicenseePermits Department! 
In our 12th year of service to black women and girls across the country, The Black Doll Affair® is proud to announce this new program!
A Presidential Service Award by President Barack Obama, Congressional Recognition lead by Civil Rights Leader John Lewis and The Black Doll Affair Day in Atlanta proclaimed by Governor Sonny Perdue, you've arrived to an award winning opportunity. 
Via our Boss Doll sales program, our members, Dolls & Brothas, can lead the way in their circle of friends and earn extra $DOLLars, all why relying rely on our beloved business model that helps remind black girls of their magic!
Whether you want to earn a little extra income via quarterly or once a year ticketed Black Doll Affairs, host branded Black Doll Affairs such as the Founder's Big Hat Brunch or our MoDoll Magazine Experiences, or you simply want to pull your Permit to host a ticket free pretty...philanthropic Affair like a Tween Self-Esteem Summit, you've come to the right Doll Department.
Wanna earn more than a little bit? Great! Here is where you can begin hosting regularly occurring ticketed Black Doll Affairs and building the playground (area where living Black Dolls work and play in service of our mission), you and your living Dolls serve and play. Becoming a Boss Doll is just another bhuetiful way to empower women and girls and have more fun! #theblackdollshavemorefun 
The Black Doll Affair Boss Doll Program consists of two SALES permits:
Licensee: Begins at $25,000.00. Inquiries to: 
Boss Doll Sales Permits are $198 ($99 to pull the Sales Permit + $99 for your Black Doll gear (Minimum of 5 T-shirts) kickoff kit. After that there is a $99 monthly maintenance fee to keep your sales permit. (Billed on the 25th of each month.). Once this payment is made, you' ll be given fully revocable permissions to host philanthropic Black Doll Affairs and fun playdates using our beloved brand name - The Black Doll Affair / The Black Dolls. NOTE: NO PERMISSIONS are granted to use the term: Ambassadolls /Dana Dolls. 
Take the Steps to Get a Permit to Become  BDA "Boss Doll"
Become a Black Doll. If you're not a Black Doll, become one. To become a Black Doll, there are NO Membership fees, just buy a Black Doll Tee. T-shirts here.
Once you've purchased your T-shirt, text (NO Phone Calls) the Doll Phone: (404) 660-7363
and request an interview to become a Black Doll Affair Boss Doll.
After your interview, apply for a *criminal background check. Or, you can do it in advance. Apply here. Boss Dolls must renew their background check every five years. 
Register & Sign! If you're approved to move forward as a Boss Doll after your interview, we will request that you register at $198.00. At which point, we'll build your contract and set you up for monthly payments of $99 per month. 
Create your profile in the Boss Doll Group on Facebook. 
Private Group. Link will be sent. 
Go! Go remind black girls of their bhuety like a Black Doll! Go make money, like a Boss Doll!

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