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Black Doll Affair Masks

Product image 1Black Doll Affair Masks
Product image 2Black Doll Affair Masks
Product image 3Black Doll Affair Masks

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Our premium 3 layer design, reusable, washable, breathable, comfortable and more important black & bhuetiful, are perfect for keeping hue protected.  Size: snug fit med-large. Cotton-Polyester blend. Two-Layer Design – Outer layer DWR 100% Polyester, Middle Layer Cotton Blend, Inner Layer NanoFine Cotton Blend – soft against the skin. Designed with high quality light weight fabric for maximum comfort. Stretchable elastic ear loops allow for a snug and secure fit. Wash in cold water before and after each use. DO NOT dry clean or use fabric softener. Tumble dry or lay flat to avoid shrinkage. Stay safe out there.

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